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Technical Support

How can I register on Wookko?

The easiest way to register - tie it up to your account page on Facebook, Twitter, which automatically fills in your profile. Or if you prefer, you can sign in using your e-mail address.

Sing up right now!

How can I search?

1. Start by specifying the type of real estate and transaction type, size, price. Then click on "Search".

2. Continue with more detailed search, using filters on the right. You can also sort the results.

How much does it cost to add an offer on Wookko?

By advertising your property, service or business through Wookko, you receive invaluable benefits! You are not only earning money but also getting experience in dealing with new people from around the world.

Publish your offer for free on Wookko only once just to get familiar and confident that the system works, we charge $ 1.25 per month to cover the costs of processing and presentation of your proposal. For example, if you rent an estate or sell it we will notify everyone who is interested in offers like yours.

Trust and Security Center

Your Guide to the positive experience on Wookko

We believe that all people are fundamentally good. But we also believe that people deserve peace of mind.

We are creating a system that promotes safety and making informed decisions. If you need our help, just write on .

Your safety - is the most important feature for us.

We strive to create a strong platform for interaction between users. That's why we created best tools and services to help you make the right decisions. We want you to have a positive experience with us. Here's how to do it.

Privacy Settings

This is your information, keep it under control. Now the party is given an even more flexible control over the privacy settings of proposals and profiles than ever before. You can narrow down the offer and the profile of the results of search engines and hide their Social Relations from public view.


Reviews are the basis of reputation system on Wookko, recommendations help newcomers to start creating their reputation. Before anyone can leave a recommendation, they are to add photos to their profiles. As soon as you connect with your account with Facebook, or Twitter, you can contact your friends and ask them to recommend you by one-click.

connect with LinkedIn and Twitter

Connection with LinkedIn gives confidence to the guests and the hosts, opening your professional life to them. Connect your Twitter account to Wookko and add another level of confidence to your profile. Stay tuned for news about our integration with Twitter and LinkedIn

Systems Security and Anti-Fraud

7 new system tools for the eradication of fraud and security operations. We can not tell you more about it, because it is of top secret.

Moderation Content

Marks instruments in the Community: A special tool to review proposals, reports, forms and other user-generated content, marked by as requiring attention.

Verified Photos

Look for the watermark "Verified Photo" in the photographs in the proposals, and make sure that you get what you see. Verified photos indicate that the professional Wookko photographer personally visited the facility or company to take pictures and upload them to the site.

Technology of Protection

We have created a sophisticated security algorithms that work behind the scenes to evaluate and isolate suspicious users and suspicious behavior before they can reach you.

Mark with a special stamp .

We provide tools for each user to support the order on our platform. Each of us has a responsibility to keep Wookko safe and secure. Mark suspicious messages, users, or offer with a special stamp to inform us what we should pay attention to.

Messages on the site

Meet with your potential customers and partners, using system messages on the site. Ask questions, tell us about your requirements and learn each other better before signing the contract. If anything has been falsely represented, tell us, and our support team will help to resolve the situation, based on history of your communication.

Perfect Proposal

Before you get the first request, prepare your proposal in full uniform. Our tools of quick items selection in offers are designed for filling in for effective actions among users. Do not repeat the exact same information in your offer. Download credible and relevant photos.

Does Wookko expose users for verification?

Wookko does not expose all users for verification, but only those who advertise their business. But we have some tools to build online trust and security.

We also allow you to observe any suspicious deals and users with special stamp. This icon you can see on any message, each sentence, so you can notify us and we will look at this situation. Here is the special stamp:

How can I contact with Wookko?

You can contact with our technical support by following this link http://wookko.com.ua/contacts. You can contact with us , with skype - wookko1.

Your Account management

What is My page?

My page - this is your home page of Wookko account. Like My page in your car, My page on Wookko shows important alerts and gives you access to manage your account.

When you are logged in on Wookko, you automatically get to your My Page, you can get on My page at any time by clicking on your name.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password and can not log into your Wookko account, click on this link "Forgot your password?" , you will also find on the page login . Enter email address you used for registration on Wookko, and we will send you a temporary password so you can go back to your page.

After this you will need to change your password for something easy to remember by going to My Page> My Account> Settings. In the 'Old Password', enter the temporary password, create a new password and save it.

If you forgot your password, but you are logged on the site at this time, first log out from your account, and only then click on the link "Forgot your password?" .

If it doesn’t work, contact our technical support, and we will gladly help you!

I logged in with Facebook/Vkontake and forgot my password. What should I do?

If you originally signed up using Facebook / VKontakte, you always have to go through a Facebook / Twitter. If you forget your password in the Facebook / Twitter, please contact support at Facebook / Twitter to get a new login.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, go to your page> Settings , if you do not remember your old password – that’s not a problem! You can request a temporary password and then change it to one easy-to-remember.

What should my profile include?

A good profile implies the presence of your full name, photo and information in the questionnaire on which other people will know you.

Should I fill in my profile?

Wookko - a community based on trust and security that connects people in real life and under construction on a system of reviews and recommendations. Completing the form – is a very important part of maintaining the confidence of the community because it gives your reviews the reliability and validity, and also allows you to tell us about yourself and even show his true colors in the profile photo.

We want our community to be more authentic, so we take the extra step by contacting the users, the photos are not the person. Filling out a form once, you do not have to repeat this information about yourself: users can simply click on your picture and learn more about you, but you can click on their photos - and learn about them.

Users are more likely interested in the offers, the owners of which were not lazy and showed his face, and completed the survey information.

Why I didn’t receive a notification via email or letter confirming?

Sometimes an error can occur because of one little mistake. Make sure you have correctly entered your email address.

And it’s also possible that your email provider considers our emails as spam, and they are located in the spam in your inbox. To avoid this, move the messages from our spam folder and add the address of the to your contacts.

And do not forget that the service Wookko Support is always ready to help you (and waiting for you with open arms) to set up your mailbox to receive a letter from us.

Why should I connect my page on Wookko with Facebook, Twitter, and how?

Connect your account with Facebook / Twitter, you can by going to My Page> Information. Two main advantages are the ability to connect the use of Social Relations function, as well as confirmation of your data.

When you register on Wookko, you can use this for your account on Facebook / Vkontakte. It automatically fills in your profile and allows you to see the place and owners, who have recommended your friends.

How should I delete my account?

We will be sorry if you leave us! Please be aware that you can always contact Wookko support, if you have any questions or complaints about our site or services, and we will gladly help you.

But if you do want to delete your account, go to My page > Settings > My information.

Offers publications

You can add your offer by clicking Add an offer to Wookko network below on the main page in Services> Add an offer.

How can I create a good offer?

To present your offer in the best light, you draw the attention of potential customers or interested parties, increasing the likelihood of requests from them. We offer you 6 tips how to make your offer more memorable.

1. Request services of our professional photographer.

Photos is a decisive factor for selection. Contact us and request the services of the photographer!

2. Complete description of your offer by writing at least 150-200 words.

Interested persons

always attracts additional information.

3. Upload photos to your profile, and write about yourself or your kind of activity.

Help interested people to understand with whom they conduct business by posting your pictures, licenses, documents and so on.

4. Ask your partner to leave you a recommendation.

Reviews - is the best way for a potential client. But how to find interested person or company if you do not have recommendations and reviews? Connect your friends and partners, so they can leave you a recommendation! You can easily send them a link directly from your account. (Done)

5. Place a competitive price.

Not sure what price to write? See what other users make suggestions on such criteria and assign a similar price or refer to online real estate experts.

6. Refer to specialists Wookko, quickly and efficiently to your campaign.

Wookko – is working with investors, tourists, interested companies and individuals from around the world. We solve the main problem of finding a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, etc. without any commissions.

Is it obligatory to upload photos to an offer?

You can create and edit suggestions, without adding your photos. But it will not be as active in the search results as suggestions with photos, there are suggestions for which photos are not appropriate, we will consider them.

Since photos in offers is the best way to attract attention, then be sure to make high-quality images and upload them to an offer or subscribe to services of the photographer.

Offers management

How can I edit an offer?

You can edit offers by going to My Page> My Offers. Find the right offer, click on edit, and go on! Read tips on how to make a good offer.

My address is displayed incorrectly. How should I fix it?

If your address is displayed incorrectly on the map – don’t worry! You can change it and indicate your accurate location.

Still have problems? Contact with and we will help you to update your address.

How can I turn off an offer and remove it from search results?

Switch on and off the offer, you can by going to My Page> My Packages> Edit. Next to the sentence you will see the buttons to make it visible or hidden.

How to subscribe to notifications about new offerings on the waiting list?

On the home page click on "Send a request." You will see the fields to be filled in and press "Save the subscription." You will get a letter on your email with the activation link for subscription. Activate it. You can create an unlimited number of subscriptions to the new offers.

What determines my ranking in search results?

We've improved the search results to help interested customers find the most suitable options for them. This means that now the results will be displayed closer to the offers introduced in the search criteria.

We always strive to provide our users with best offers. So we regularly update our search algorithm, which means that the position of your suggestions in the search results may vary.

Your profile is mostly influenced with: added photos to the offers, specified data.

Improve your position in search by filling out your profile, uploading a profile picture, confirming your information and recommendations received.

More tips!

- Respond to all messages received for the frequency of your response was perfect.

- High quality photos will also increase the number of requests, which in turn will help your rating.

How can I advertise an offer?


Make your offer more noticeable with an URGENT mark.

Your offer will also move up to the TOP-position.

If you have any questions about advertising, go to the link: http://wookko.com.ua/contacts

How can I be represented on the main page of the site?

Wookko periodically selects an offer for the main page. As a rule, they have originality, interesting photos and pictures or attractions. If you would like us to consider your candidacy, please send a link of your offer to .

Replenishing internal balance

Update your personal account on the site Wookko you can in section balance on the personal page using the system LiqPay or the payment terminals.

Пополнить счет могут только зарегистрированные пользователи.

Если у вас возникнут сложности обращайтесь в службу поддержки или по телефону 067-502-77-50