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Срок актуальности объявления истек 167 дней назад

Ровно, Украина

Продам производственные, строительные объекты Ровно - с. Малий Мидськ

Продажа / Производство, здания
76 просмотров
Объект: Завод
Общая площадь: 985 м2
Участок: 1.70 гектар
есть разрешительные документы.
представитель собственника.
For sale is “Malomydska” Mineral Water Factory with unique artesian wells with a depth of 773 m, 140 m and 160 m for extraction, bottling and sale of mineral and drinking medical and table water (analogous to “Morshinska”. Water is extracted and bottled without accumulation capacities and contact with the air.
The company has been on the market since 2007. During this period all necessary scientific researches of water were carried out and positive conclusions obtained, including the ones from the Ukrainian research institute of medical rehabilitation and health resorts (Odesa. Drinking water was investigated in Marzeyev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology of the NAMS of Ukraine, which also issued a positive conclusion, including radiation aspect. All conclusions are available.
The constituent elements of the business are:
- three wells, equipped by pumps produced in Italy;
- two fully equipped bottling workshops, warehouses, auxiliary, industrial and household premises. There is also an administrative (cottage) house on the territory of the factory. All premises are connected to water heating and power supply via own electric power substations.
- a full set of equipment for the extraction, cleaning and bottling of water in to 0,33 l and 0,5 l glass bottles, 0,5 - 2,0, 6,0 l PET bottles, 18,9 l plastic bottles, in particular: compressor, receiver and air dehumidifier, CO2 station, perforated bottle blowing machine, ultraviolet decontamination unit, saturator, water bottling unit, etching machine, oven for water packaging in thermo film, bottle closing unit, other auxiliary equipment;
- security, internet, online video surveillance;
- approved reserves of extractable resources by the State Commission of the Underground Resources of Ukraine, special permits (licenses) for usage of subsoil until 2035, permits for special water use;
- privatized land plots sufficient for maintenance of the premises located on them and with the possibility of expansion of the production area;
- five own cars, which fully ensure water delivery around the city, region, adjacent areas;
- two own trademarks registered and used;
- own corporate site of the company, registered and widely distributed in the promotional materials, established corporate communication network.
Assets of the company are not encumbered under any obligation. The documentation is in proper order.
Production capacities:
1. Mineral water – 6,8 м3 / hour.
2. Drinking water – 4,0 м3 / hour.
Main buildings:
1. 2 water bottling facilities – 600 m2 and 200 m2.
2. Warehouse – 185 m2
3. Administrative building – 100 m2, located separately in the pine forest on 10 acres of the own territory.
Land plots:
1. 0,15 ha – in ownership, industrial use.
2. 0,10 ha – in ownership, industrial use.
3. 1,45 ha – in ownership, industrial use.
4. 0,25 ha – lease, agricultural use.
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